Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Compilation of Some Mighty Fine Authors!

As you could probably tell if you've read most of my posts, I love Jay McLean. Her books are some of the best contemporary/New Adult/Romance books that I've read, but I also have other authors that I love, too. So, for today's post I wanted to give you a little insight on some of my favorite authors. 

Authors are some of the most amazing people, in my opinion. They have this whole world up in their head and they share it with the world. It's an amazing job and one that I could only dream to have. So, who are your favorite authors? Leave a comment below! Here's a list of some of my favorite authors. These are in no particular order:

- Colleen Hoover: I love her books! Her writing, her. She's super funny and she seems like a sweetheart. (I've never met her, so I'm assuming from the videos that I've seen on her Facebook and Instagram) My favorite book by her is probably Point of Retreat. I loved Slammed, but I just really enjoyed Pt. of Retreat. I thought the story really grew and bing in Will Cooper's head? What could be better? Chocolate covered Will Cooper, that could be better....I digress. I also really love Hopeless, which is her bestselling novel. I'm very excited for her new release, Confess, which comes out on March 10th! Here's all of her books and if you click on the image below you can visit CoHo's Amazon page: 

- Renée Carlino: This amazing author is an "Auto-Buy" author for me, which basically means she writes, I buy. It doesn't matter what the book is about, I will buy it, the same goes for Mrs. Hoover above. The funny part about that is, she only has three and half books published. I say half because one is a novella, but technically it's four. I've just loved all of her books, especially Sweet Thing and Sweet Little Thing. Oh, goodness. Those books are just so "sweet" and cute and passionate and beautiful. AHH, I love 'em! I just read the synopsis for her newest release, Before We Were Strangers: A Love Story, and it sounds amazing! Can't wait! Here's all of Renée's books and if you click on the image below it will take you to her Amazon page!

- Lauren Barnholdt: I haven't read all of her books, but I've read a good portion of them. I just love her teen/young adult novels the most. There really simple and don't take a lot of concentration to read, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes you want a simple, easy read. And when that's what I need a gravitate towards her books. My favorite is Two Way Street. I read this during my sophomore year in high school and I feel like it was the first book that I ever truly loved. I remember re-reading it again during my senior year and loving it even more. I have six of her Teen/YA books and hope to get the others that I don't have. Here's Lauren's books (that I own, she has a lot out) and, again, if you click on the image below it will take you to her Amazon page. 

- Emma Chase: Her books are just the best! She writes, mainly, from male perspectives and she does it so well! Her book are funny and sweet! Drew Evans is the man and I've loved all of the books that I have read of hers! I can't wait for her new series, The Legal Briefs, the first book being, Overruled. It comes out on April 28th, 2015! Her name's Emma, and we "Emma's" are pretty awesome, so I'm sure her new series will not disappoint! ;) If you click on the image to the right, it will take you to her Amazon page!

Last, but certainly not least: 

- Christina Lauren: This is a writing duo (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) and let me just say they're freaking hilarious writers! They write adult romance novels, definitely adult (18++) They're steamy, funny, and sweet. Probably top writing duo that I know of (I don't know of a lot, so...). My favorite book by them is Beautiful Beginning (#3.5) and it's one of the novellas in the Beautiful Bastard Series. It's the one I've re-read the most and laugh and cry every single time!! I'm very interested in reading their YA/NA paranormal romance called Sublime. I've heard mixed reviews, but I'm excited to see what it's about! Again, here's all of their books and if you click on the image it will take you to their Amazon page! 

Those, are just a few of my favorite authors, if you would like to see more then comment below!

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Until next time...

Have an "unexpectedly phenomenal" day and happy reading!

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