Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January 2015 Wrap-up

Well, January has been here and gone. That means were one month closer to spring. Hallelujah! It also means it’s time for another Monthly Wrap-Up!

I’ve read quite a bit this month and have been given the privilege of receiving ARCs to review. You may have also noticed that this month I’ve posted a lot of different Author Promos and such. That’s because I’ve been signing up for different blog events as well as request books to review. I’ve found many of them through Facebook sign ups that authors post as well as this great website NetGalley. I hope to continue doing this throughout the year because I find it really fun and it’s a great way for me to find new authors to read as well as share them with all of you! So, let’s hop right in to the books that I’ve read this month. If the book was an ARC I will let you know by putting a (*) next to the title. Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!!

After by Anna Todd
4 stars…I liked this book a lot. I thought it was very enticing. It was exactly what I had wanted to read, but had been having trouble finding. It got me out of a little reading slump and I was loving it so much that not even half way through, I went and bought the second one!

Last Call by Alice Clayton
5 stars…This was a novella concluding, I think anyway, of the Cocktail Series. I loved it soon much. The ending was a little open-ended and I could see where she could write another book of Simon and Caroline. I hope she does because I would read that as soon as it came out!!

Never Never by Colleen Hoover
5+ stars…THIS BOOK WAS FREAKING FANTASTIC!! It had a major cliffhanger that really pissed me off, but I LOVED IT!! I would definitely recommend this book!

After We Collided by Anna Todd
3.75-4.00 stars…This was the second book in the After Series and as much as I loved the first one I didn’t like this one as much. I found the storyline very repetitive, but I still did like the book. If you liked the first then I would give the rest of the series a try.

#Hater by Cambria Hebert
4 stars…This was the second installment in the Hashtag Series, the first being #Nerd. I liked this book just as much as the 1st one and cannot wait for the 3rd one to come out!!

After We Fell by Anna Todd
3.75-4.00 stars…This is the latest installment of the After Series and I liked this one better than the second one. I thought there was a lot more character development with Hardin and I appreciated that, however, the storyline was again very repetitive and I found the relationship starting to get kind of annoying. I will finish the series when the final book, After Ever Happy, comes out later in February.

* Take Me With You by K.A. Linde
4 stars…I really enjoyed this book and if you’re interested in more of my thoughts then stay tuned for tomorrow when I post my full review!!!

* Ruin Me by Jessica Sorensen
I believe I gave this book 4 stars on GoodReads…I liked this book because of the females storyline. I thought the males storyline was okay, but I really loved Clara’s story. I found it very sad and moving and inspiring. Great read and you should definitely check out this and the rest of the series. (This is a continuation/spin-off/companion novel in the Nova Series)

Saving You by Kelly Elliott
4 stars…This was Kelly Elliott and I love all of Kelly Elliott’s books, so I knew that I would like this one. The only problem I ever have with any of her books is that sometimes they’re a little cheesy, but that’s really easy for me to overlook. If you haven’t checked out Kelly Elliott, then you need to head on over to your favorite ebook site and pick up one of her series. Doesn’t matter which because they’re all great!! :)

* Where the Road Takes Me by Jay McLean
5 +++++ STARS…THIS BOOK WAS SOOOOOOO AMAZINGLY-PHENOMENAL!!!! I FREAKED out when I got this ARC. I was so happy and I immediately started reading it at like 1:30 am. It was so good and you should stay tuned for February 10th for when this book goes live and my full review goes up!!! But first, go to Amazon and preorder this puppy! You. Will. Not. Be. Sorry. I promise.

Fight for Her Vol. I & Fight for Her Vol. II by J.J. Knight.
Combined 3.75-4.00 stars…I really enjoyed these two books. They’re the first two of four and follow a MMA fighter that is trying to get back together with his ex-girlfriend and also have a relationship with his daughter. The first book was so good and I immediately picked up the second one. I really enjoyed them and will definitely finish the series ASAP.

Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire
4.5 stars…I loved this book, it was exactly what you would expect a Maddox brothers book to be and so much more. If you read and loved Beautiful Oblivion & Beautiful/Walking Disaster then you will definitely love this one!!! ONE-CLICK!!! :)

What’s Left of Us by Amanda Maxlyn
3 stars…This was the second book in the What’s Left of Me Duology. I didn’t hate this book, but I also didn’t love it. I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t like this book as much as I thought I would. If you liked the first one then you would probably like this one, but I wouldn’t reread it. : /

* Mending Michael by J.P Grider
3.75-4.00 stars…I have a full review up on this book, so if you’re interested in my thoughts then go to!!

* Everything Has Changed by Mia Kayla
3 stars…I though that this book was a little slow and I didn’t like the main character Bliss. I have a full review on my GoodReads page, if you would like to hear my full opinion then you can add me!! Link below in outro! :)

If you are curious as to what other books I’ve read, or want to read head on over to my Pinterest page where you can see all of those amazing books! You can also friend me on GoodReads for even more book goodness, and like the HEA…Book Blog Facebook page to keep up to date on book teasers and other blog awesomeness.

Until Next Time...

Happy Reading!

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