Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bookaholic's Not-So-Anonymous #2: Mini Book Haul (feat. Jay McLean)

I got some packages in the mail today and yesterday and thought I would share with you guys what awesomeness was in said packages. This all Jay McLean related items, so...enjoy! Let's go...

First off, I got my copy of Where the Road Takes Me from Barnes and Noble. I had got this with book with a gift card that I received for this past Christmas. So a big thank you to my older sister!  

Now today, I received a long awaited package from Miss Flowers (Jay's wonderful sidekick). I had actually got the 4th book, More than Forever, for my birthday last month. I posted a picture on the "More Series Lovers" Facebook Group, so I could share my excitement with people who would understand.  Then this happened...

I freaked out and squealed like a little girl. I got this gem today in the mail and again I squealed like a little girl and jumped up and down. The quote that Jay wrote on the inside of the book, is one of my favorites and I was even surprised with two signed bookmarks and a bracelet that is absolutely beautiful. 

I'm very appreciative of Jay and Debbie for sending me this amazing and unexpected surprise and I want to give them a huge thank you!! 

That's all for today, but I do have another amazing book that should be coming in the mail here in a few weeks. any guesses? It's an amazing NA author who is not only sweet, but also hilarious! Her name starts with a C. Nothing? It's CONFESS!! Yay! I preordered it from Books-A-Million and hope it gets here quick! :)

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Until next time...

Have an "unexpectedly phenomenal" day and happy reading!

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