Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Reads Update (02.14-15.15)

What did I get read this weekend?

Not as much as I had hoped. I read 188 pages of The Longest Ride. But, I didn't get Some Kind of Normal as finished as I had wanted. I didn't finish Kaleidoscope Hearts, either! Ugh! My excuse: I had to work Saturday afternoon/night, so I really only had Friday night (Of course, I had a family function that night) and Sunday to read. I also got sucked into The Longest Ride and found myself wanting to read that more than the other two books. I hope to finish The Longest Ride & Kaleidoscope Hearts this week because they're both freaking phenomenal and I want to know how they're going to end! I can't believe that I haven't read a Nicholas Sparks book before now! It's a travesty and I plan to justify it as soon as possible. I think I may read The Best of Me next. We shall see!!

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Until next time...

Have a wonderful Monday and Happy Reading!

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