Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tag Tuesday: Social Media Book Tag

So it's time for the second installment of "Tag Tuesday". Today, I'll be doing the "Social Media Book Tag"! I got the questions here. Let's hop right in...

PS: to visit a books Amazon page, then click on the book cover, if it's not linked in my answer :)

Question 1: "Twitter" (pick your favorite short book)

My favorite short book is by the author Sandi Lynn, and is called Remembering You. This is actually like a prequel novella to an upcoming series. However, there hasn't been any official release date as to when any other book(s) will be released, that I'm aware of anyway. I hope there's some news soon because I thought that this book was very good and it's the first Sandi Lynn book I read and I love her Black Series books!! Ahh, Connor Black = SWOON!

Question 2: "Facebook" (pick a book that everyone pressured you into reading)

For this question, I had a couple to choose from and decided to share all of them with you. The first one being, two of Rainbow Rowell's books (Eleanor & Park and Fangirl). I did really like Fangirl, but I absolutely loved Eleanor & Park. The second book is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. I heard a bunch of Booktube reviewers talking about this book and how great it was and how much everyone needed to read it, so I read it and then I understood why they all loved it so much. I'm not one for fantasy/paranormal novels, but I thought that this one was very good and it kept me entertained the entire time. The final series I wanted to talk about is The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy  by Jenny Han. I heard a ton of people talking about this trilogy, but I just thought it was an overhyped book, like a lot of books can turn out to be. However, I was totally wrong. I actually saw a bind up of all three books one day at Sam's for like eight bucks and decided to just bite the bullet and read it. I mean three books for eight dollars? Bargain! I was pleasantly surprised after I started reading them, they are just as good as everyone says!! :)


Question 3: "Tumblr" (pick a book you read before it was cool)

I can only think of books that I read before I KNEW it was cool and that's Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. I saw Book Worms Talk with Hannah on Youtube do I review on it and decided to pick it up, then I found out a bunch of girls at school had read it, which then lead me to find out that I bunch of people in the world had read it too! :) 

Question 4: "MySpace" (pick a book that you don't remember if you liked or not)

I went through my read shelf on GoodReads and came across, The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan. I gave it a four star rating, but I honestly don't remember reading it. I kind of remember the premise after reading the synopsis, but I can't for the life of me remember how it ended...awkward.

Question 5: "Instagram" (pick the most beautiful book you own)

The Bronze Horseman - This is one of the only book covers that I've ever truly loved 
and couldn't get over how pretty it was!

Question 6: "Youtube" (pick a book that you wish was turned into a movie)

Obviously, I couldn't pick just one, so here's my list
1. ALL of Colleen Hoover's books
2. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
3. ALL of Jay McLean's books
4. Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
5.  After the Rain by RenĂ©e Carlino

Question 7: "GoodReads" (pick a book that you recommend to everyone)

That can change from day to day, but as of recently it's The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I LOVE this book and I cannot wait until the movie comes out on April 10th, 2015!


Well, that's all of them! I had so much fun answering these questions and would love for all of you to answer them in the comments below! 

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Until next time...

Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

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