Saturday, April 11, 2015

Movie Review: The Longest Ride

Hey guys! What's up? How is/was your Saturday? Mine was spent with the very good looking Scott Eastwood. It was pretty great. He made me laugh, he made me cry. It was a magical and wonderful experience. Alas, we won't see each other again except on those rare occasions when he comes to town, but you see long distance relationships just aren't my thing. He started crying and begging, so I had to let him down as easy as possible. It was hard to walk away, but it had to be done...BAH! No, but seriously how was your weekend? I went to the movies to see my second most highly anticipated movie of the year (after Fifty), The Longest Ride. This is the newest of a long line of Nicholas Sparks books/movies. It follows the relationships of a present and past set of couples. Luke and Sophia are two young twenty-somethings just living their lives, when one day at a bull riding show they meet and feel the spark of a budding relationship. Of course, they pursue each other and fall in love, but alas, something goes wrong (OBVIOUSLY, haha) and they are left to figure out what's important to them and what they truly want in life. We are also given the story of Ira and Ruth Levinson, a couple from the 1940's who through many trials and tribulations fight for their love and happiness. We meet Ira int he present day and he helps Sophia while, in turn, she helps him. I truly loved this book and the movie. But I loved them in different ways. In my opinion, the movie was, for lake of a better word, "loosely" based on the book. The overall theme and outcomes were the same, but they were definitely set-up differently. I liked both and thought that even though the movie was significantly different, it was still a truly passion-filled and beautiful story about two unlikely people who fall in love during a time in their lives that isn't convenient. As much as I loved Luke and Sophia in the book, it was Ira and Ruth's story that really stood out to me in the movie. 
As for casting, I loved Alan Alda as an older Ira. He was funny and witty and also did a heartbreakingly great job as his character. The two actors that played the younger versions of Ruth & Ira, Jack Huston and Oona Chaplin, were both great choices in my opinion. I felt like they truly brought Ira and Ruth to life. Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood were cast as Sophia Danko and Luke Collins. They were both great, but I felt like Sophia's character's past was severely cut. Some of the most important parts of her character weren't addressed. Her family was a big part in the book, but were only really mentioned in passing in the movie. Her friendship with Marcia, wasn't as developed as I would have liked and her past relationship wasn't even in the movie. I didn't think that it took anything away from the movie itself, but I wish they would have still put those influential parts in the movie. I also wish they would have talked about Luke's past with his father more. It was, again, only mentioned in passing. I also found the movie made their love more instant, instead of a more gradual fondness that turned into something more. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and, if you like romantic dramas filled with angst and very good looking men, then I would highly recommend checking out The Longest Ride. 
I mean, come on....

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