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  1. Synopsis
    A Bend In The Willow
    In nineteen sixty-five, after being brutally raped by her father, seventeen-year old Robin Lee Carter sets a fire that kills him, then disappears. When she discovers she is pregnant, she arranges a private adoption, then changes her name to Catherine and disappears again, eventually marrying Ben Henry, a medical school dean. Though she continues to miss and love her brother, Kyle, Catherine knows returning to rural Kentucky will lead to her arrest.
    Her tapestry of lies begins to unravel when their five-year-old son, Michael, is diagnosed with a chemotherapy-resistant leukemia. He will die without a bone marrow transplant. Neither she nor Ben match. Since relatives make the best donors, Catherine must find the son she gave up and the brother she abandoned. Michael’s life is at stake and nothing else matters.
    Though initially happy to meet his birth mother, when he realizes the purpose of her sudden interest, Ryan is outraged and unwilling to help. With time running out, Catherine finds her brother, Kyle. The left half of his face is a melted canvas, as crinkled as parchment paper. For a moment, she can’t speak, move or take her eyes away. She learns the truth; he ran into the burning house in an attempt to save her life. For two decades, Kyle believed his sister died in a fire the sheriff suspected him of setting.
    When Catherine tells him the reason for her return, he orders her off his property. The next day she returns to elicit help from Kyle’s wife, Lucy, a nurse at a Louisville hospital. Before she’ll listen, Lucy insists Catherine hear the details of Kyle’s ordeal in the burn unit where they met. Lucy smiles like Christmas morning when Catherine shows her Kyle’s high school photo–handsome and unscarred. Kyle discovers them together and rips the photo from Lucy’s hand. He points to his own face. “This is who I am now. I didn’t have to change my identity; my sister did it for me.” Lucy is sympathetic and organizes a donor drive at her hospital.
    Michael, now critical, is airlifted from Tucson to St. Jude Hospital. As Catherine packs to join her husband and son to say her final goodbyes, the sheriff, her father’s old poker buddy, arrests her for murder. Lucy finally convinces Kyle to be tested. Behind Kyle’s back, she also has their seven-year-old daughter, Loralee, tested. Kyle is not a match, but Loralee is. At first, Kyle is unwilling to put his daughter through the harvesting procedure. But after he meets Ben and visits the dying Michael, he is overcome with compassion and consents.
    A Bend In The Willow is a novel about truth and lies, forgiveness and redemption, about assuming responsibility, and the risks a mother will take to save her dying child.


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